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Receive text alerts about nonprofits' in-kind and volunteer needs:

text RESPOND541 to 41444 or click here to sign up!

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, United Way and the Lane Emergency Resource Network (LERN)–a network of other public, private, and nonprofit agencies–used a text-based alert system to communicate and fill urgent needs of nonprofits with the support from volunteers and other service providers. Since the launch of the LERN in March, 144 alerts have been successfully filled.

As we move from response to recovery, and now amidst local wildfires, United Way has launched a more long-term system to keep volunteers engaged-as Lane Volunteer Responders.

Lane Volunteer Responders are volunteers with the ability to donate time or in-kind items to Lane County nonprofits in need:

  • They receive text messages alerts when United Way learns about new needs
  • Each text links back to this page, where the request is posted, along with information on how to fulfill needs

Lane Volunteer Responders are needed throughout Lane County, and play a central role in helping out our local nonprofit partners-especially in times of crisis.

Ready to become a Lane Volunteer Responder?

Click here or text RESPOND541 to 41444 to sign up.


Current Volunteer and In-Kind Needs:

9/14- Already Fulfilled: Volunteer needed to transport hand sanitizer

A volunteer is needed to pick up and drop off boxes of hand sanitizer today. The hand sanitizer needs to be dropped off no later than 4pm today (9/14), the sooner the better. Hand sanitizer will need to be picked up near the Sheldon High School area and taken to Roosevelt Boulevard.