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United Way of Lane County respects the privacy of all current and prospective volunteers.  All personal information from or concerning those people is kept strictly confidential by paid staff and volunteers unless granted permission to use the information. 

Personal information includes names and addresses, nature of prospective, current or past volunteering, employers, business addresses, social security numbers, email addresses, etc. 

All electronic data is stored on a secure server with restricted access.  United Way of Lane County uses industry standard encryption and security protocols when processing and storing personal information. 

United Way of Lane County does not sell, rent, or transmit personal information to other organizations unless we have formed a partnership to enhance services we offer and we have received prior assurances that the organization will comply with United Way of Lane County’s privacy policy.

United Way of Lane County may use personal information, with permission, for referral, testimonial, or example.  Information may also be used to conduct business transactions in the course of working with partnering agencies looking for volunteering resources.

Volunteers, prospective volunteers, and others may receive correspondence from United Way of Lane County after submitting and inquiring or creating a volunteering profile or other communication through United Way of Lane County’s website with Hands On Connect.  Such persons may opt out of future communications by contacting us at

The privacy of volunteers, prospective volunteers, website visitors, and members of the general public is important to United Way of Lane County.  To update personal information or ask questions about United Way of Lane County’s privacy statement, contact us.