“Knowing we made a difference was very satisfying and I think many stopped to appreciate their own lives a little bit more.”
Bridgett Klinger, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and Aven Wright-McIntosh, Cat Rescue & Adoption Network 

“Just having somebody like you to point me in the right direction is hugely helpful!”
Anastasia Ehlers, City of Eugene Recreation and Cultural Services

“I did end up volunteering at Volunteers in Medicine and I really like it. I go in once a week and work in the dispensary, and am ecstatic that my VIM schedule didn’t interfere with my school schedule. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to introduce me to volunteering in the community!”
Samantha, Lane Community College Freshman

“ At Hawes Financial Group, our philosophy is grounded in our desire for a Better World. Our day job involves that, but we also know if we’re going to create the kind of community we, and our employees, want to live in, we need to help create it; it doesn’t happen by accident. Also, our employees achieve more in the workplace, and are more productive, when involved with non-profit activities that are aligned with their passion and life purpose. It’s part of our Win-Win-Win-Win” worldview.
Scott Purcell, President & Chief Operating Officer, Hawes Financial Group