Start Making A Reader Today

Learning to read is one of the most important steps in a child’s life, laying the vital foundation for future knowledge and education.

Research proves that shared book reading and access to books in the home during a child’s formative years are the strongest predictors of early literacy skills.  At SMART, this is what we do.

Volunteers are the heart of SMART


Readers comprise SMART’s largest volunteer segment, standing 5,000 strong. These individuals commit an hour each week from mid-October to, mid-May to read one-on-one with two children in 30-minute sessions.

SMART Site Coordinators

SMART wouldn’t be possible without our incredibly dedicated, talented and generous group of nearly 350 volunteer Site Coordinators.  These individuals commit several hours a week to oversee and implement the program on-site each week.

Inspire a child’s next chapter. See what opportunities SMART has.