Become a Community Responder for COVID-19 Needs

A vital role in the LERN Rapid Access Network

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, United Way and the Lane Emergency Resource Network (LERN)–a network of other public, private, and nonprofit agencies–are currently using a text-based “Rapid Access Network” to communicate and fill urgent needs of nonprofit as they respond to this pandemic. United Way is currently seeking volunteers to act as Community Responders to help meet these needs.

Community Responders are volunteers with the ability to donate time or in-kind items through this system. Community Responders receive text message alerts (or emails if their cell phones don’t have text capability) when an organization helping the COVID-19 response efforts in Lane County needs immediate help with an in-kind donation or volunteer need.

Text message alerts are sent out by United Way on behalf of the organization in need. As a Community Responder, if you can help, you simply reply to the message. If you cannot help, you do not respond.

Community Responders are needed throughout Lane County, and play a central role in providing quick intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic our community is experiencing. This alert system has been adapted from the 15th Night’s innovative Rapid Access Network, developed by the local tech community and generously adapted for the COVID-19 crisis.

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