To help address some immediate needs of local nonprofits during this pandemic, United Way of Lane County is actively collecting and sharing information with the community about nonprofits seeking in-kind donations at this time.

If you’re able to help meet any of these needs, please reach out to the nonprofit directly for information about getting them these items. Thank you!

To learn more about how United Way is responding to COVID-19, visit

Does your nonprofit have any in-kind needs (i.e. supplies or services), related to the COVID-19? Please send items that you need along with drop off instructions to

Centro Latino Americano

Is looking for dry food and diapers. Please contact Ana at or 541-357-8432 to work out a no-contact drop off time.


Daisy Chain 

Is looking for devices to hold telehealth appointments with clients. If you have devices that could help please contact Jaclyn at


Downtown Languages

Is looking for devices for students to participate in online classes and help families to access resources. If you have devices that could help please contact Brooke at


Eugene Mission

Is looking for fabric face masks to give out to their guests, toiletry supplies, computer equipment (desktops, monitors, speakers, and headphones) for guests to use. Items can be dropped off or sent to 1542 West First Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402, if you have any questions please call 541-344-3251.


Fabric Masks

  • A Family For Every Child
    • Is looking for homemade or purchased masks for un-housed youth in Lane County. Masks can be dropped off Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5pm at their office located at 1675 W 11th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97402.
  • City of Cottage Grove Community Center
    • Is looking for knit fabric (great way to make use of those "special occasion" never/hardly worn t-shirts), lightweight breathable tightly woven fabric (cotton, silk), ribbon, seam binding, and elastic bands (for securing the masks to the head) to make masks. Completed masks will be distributed by PeaceHeath Hospital. If you have any of these materials, please contact Teresa at 541-942-1185.
  • Willamalane
    • Is looking for extra elastic supplies in order to make ear holders for some masks that they are making. If you have elastic to donate contact Mavis at
  • Looking to make masks and/or have supplies and want to make masks for others? Go to our COVID-19 Volunteer page and scroll down to Fabric Masks to learn about different ways you can get involved and help our community.

Family Relief Nursery

Diapers, baby wipes, formula, feminine hygiene products, cleaning products, canned foods, and non-perishable food. Please contact Carrie at to work out a no-contact drop off time.


Florence Food Share

Is making food boxes and looking for peanut butter, oats, canned vegetables, pasta sauce, noodles, flour, fresh milk, and personal care items. Contact Janet at to arrange to drop off items.


FOOD for Lane County, donations accepted between 9am-4pm at 770 Bailey Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97402

  • Boxes that are in the neighborhood of 12x14x20 for the Emergency Food Box Program. Questions contact John by emailing
  • Peanut butter, tuna, and soups are among the most needed foods. For a full list of food donations, visit Please call ahead if donating a large volume of food.
  • Is looking for about 50 clean small 2oz spray bottles (click here to see an example) for volunteer drivers. If you have small spray bottles please contact Amber at to arrange a drop-off.

HIV Alliance

Is looking for sanitizer, wipes, and masks. Please contact Jesse at to work out a time to drop off items.


Junction City Local Aid 

Food donations (updated list at, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, other sanitizing materials. Donations can be dropped off at 210 East 6th Avenue, Junction City. They are open for donations Monday 11:30am-1pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 9am-1pm, and Thursday 3pm-7pm. Please call ahead if you are donating a large volume of food.


Pearl Buck Center

Thermometers preferably ones that don’t touch a person, however, all types are welcome. Drop off thermometers at 3690 W 1st Ave Eugene, OR 97402, Monday-Friday between 8am-4pm. Please call 541-484-4666 first letting Pearl Buck Center staff know you have items to donate.


Positive Community Kitchen

Is looking for bulk Organic and gluten-free foods: olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, beans, lentils, tomatoes, herbs, peeled garlic. Please contact Megan by emailing,, or calling 541-249-4942 to arrange a drop off time at the kitchen.


Relief Nursery 

Is looking for diapers size 4,5, & 6, diaper wipes, infant formula, and fresh produce. Donations can be dropped off at 1720 West 25th Avenue Eugene, OR 97405 or 850 S 42nd Street Springfield, OR 97478.


South Lane Mental Health

Is looking for Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, gowns, etc.) for therapists and medical professionals that go out in the field to help the homeless and other severe cases. Donations can be dropped off at the container next to their mailbox at 1345 Birch Ave. Cottage Grove, OR 97424.



Cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, paper towels, toilet paper and food boxes for our residents. To drop off any of these items please contact Megan at to coordinate with a safe 6-foot distance pick up.


SquareOne Villages

Is looking for hand sanitizer, disinfecting multi-surface spray (Lysol), paper towels, toilet paper, hand towels, and gloves. If you have items to donate, please contact the Village Coordinator at to set up a drop-off time.


St. Vincent de Paul

  • Is looking for socks, new underwear, and clothing items. Items can be dropped off at 201 Division Ave from 10am-6pm, 7 days a week.
  • Masks, hand sanitizer, temporal thermometers, sanitation products, bleach, other cleaning products, and paper towels are needed. Donations can be dropped off at any St. Vincent drive-thru drop-offs.

The Child Center

Is looking for supplies to fill their food and basic needs pantry for families. They are also looking for computers or devices for clients to use to access Telehealth services. Please contact Lyndsie at to arrange to drop off.


Triangle Food Box

Is making food boxes and is looking for tuna, fruit, prepared meals (ravioli, spaghetti-o's, etc.), breakfast bars, dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Contact Bryn at to arrange a drop off time.


White Bird Clinic 

URGENT ITEMS NEEDED: sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and tents. Individual and large bottles of hand sanitizer, personal protective gear, clothing for men and women, socks, warm gloves, stocking caps, masks for clients (masks n95 and level 2/3), gloves (latex or nonlatex), Clorox wipes or any wipes that adequately clean surfaces, thermometers for mass temperature checks, gowns, shoe and boot covers, simple snacks (noodles, granola, etc.), lip balm, lotion, toothbrushes, reusable water bottles, and spray bottles. Donations can be dropped off to assistant outside at 341 E. 12th Avenue Eugene, OR 97401 between 9 am and 5 pm daily or to arrange a pickup please call 541-325-8255.